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Concept Artist

The JAN 2021 mentorship with Sathish, was probably the best way for me to start 2021. Sathish is an extremely talented concept artist and a great teacher. I learned so much within such a small amount of time. Even more so, I learnt a variety of new ways and tricks to generate new ideas. I believe the possibilities are endless after the mentorship and it's only up to me as to how much I can salvage from it. Apart from that I find myself surrounded by all of you amazing artists in the group, which gives me a holistic picture of where I stand as an artist in my career and how much and where I have to grow.

Digital Artist

Studying with Sathish was a game changer for me. I was working hard before studying with him, but I was making a lot of the same mistakes without noticing. When I took my first mentorship with him, the first thing that surprised me was how structured he was with everything. It was eye opening seeing how organized a professional is with every aspect of art and teaching.Another thing is that he’s completely devoted to his students. If you work hard while studying with him you end up getting way more than you pay for.I’ve had great teachers in the past, but no one else pushed me to the level of growth that he did. Since studying with him I've been working professionally, and I believe it was because of his mentoring.

Marc Stewart
Concept Artist

I just finished the 9 week April Mentorship Course with the amazing Sathish Kumar.What can I say..?The entire course was an unbelievable learning experience for me...Sathish was simultaneously extremely professional and informative on so many levels. He has a brilliant teaching method and is constantly suggesting new techniques whilst being open at all times to any questions the Students may have- also giving weekly in depth feedback and paint overs to help you progress. He spends as much time as is needed with each Student for these sessions which is invaluable..!I'd absolutely recommend anyone of any level to take his Course- he starts with a fresh solid take on the Fundamentals, all the way through to a finished piece- along the way showing many different possibilities on how to tackle various design problems as they arise.


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