Hard Surface Design &
World Building Mentorship
by Jort van Welbergen
Students per term
20 Students
10 Weeks
Class starts on
30th June
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In this course we will simulate a studio environment, and design all the assets for a single scene within a world of our choosing. We will design a vehicle, it's hangar or garage and all the props to support the scene. Doing so will allow us to focus on world building, hard surface design principles, vehicle design as well as composition and lighting. This is going to be in an-depth course where we'll take our time for each step of the design process to reach the highest quality we can. The class will center around Blender (heavy-poly config) and Photoshop and a solid understanding of both of these programs as well as basic drawing and design skills is recommended.

Live Classes

Live class will be hosted in Zoom, and Classes will be recorded for future reference.

Sunday, 18:30 PM IST

Each week's class will be comprised of live demos, feedback and paintovers ranging from 4-5 hours.


Private Discord server will be created for students to communicate and to get feedback.

Things you learn in this class
  • How to develop your ideas through sketches, drawings, 3D ,explore your world and find cool designs
  • This class will give you a glimpse into the daily job of a production concept artist
  • We will be creating a full hangar or garage concept for a game/film with an environment, a vehicle and all props and assets within a single setting
  • Emphasis on all core fundamentals of hard surface design, system and vehicle design, while also staying consistent within a set world
  • Advanced efficient 3D workflow
  • Good drawing skills and basic knowledge of design and passion towards hard surface design in general
  • Basic sketching skills
  • Basic understanding of Photoshop and blender
Jort van Welbergen
Senior Concept Designer

Jort van Welbergen is a Senior Concept Artist and Art director from the Netherlands. In his 10year career he has worked for many companies and on many projects including Killzone, Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Citizen, Star Atlas, House of Dragon and Marvel Eternals. Jort has also been teaching for over 8 years at Gnomon, New3dge and various schools globally as well as in private through online mentoring

Course Fee $899
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