Environment Design Mentorship
by Sathish Kumar
Students per term
15 Students
10 Weeks
Class starts on
1st June
Sold Out

This class will help you to better understand how to create environments for games and films while also strengthening the foundational skills such as: composition, lighting, value and color.

The first half of the class will focus purely on 2D before we jump into modern techniques and workflows such as creating environments using 3D. The main goal for this course is to overcome the fear of an empty canvas and to start creating amazing worlds.

Live Classes

Live class will be hosted in Zoom, and Classes will be recorded for future reference.

Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM IST

Each week's class will be comprised of live demos, feedback and paintovers ranging from 4-5 hours.


Private Discord server will be created for students to communicate and to get feedback.

Things you learn in this class
  • Develop a strong understanding of design and composition for environments
  • Value, color, and lighting
  • 3D workflow for creating high quality concept art
  • Industry standard software: Blender, 3dcoat, Photoshop
  • Portfolio Building
  • Additional workflows using VR for intuitive environment design
    Note: A VR Headset is not mandatory for the class, but this is an option for anyone who has a VR headset already and wants to expand their workflow
  • Basic Understanding of art and Digital painting
  • Basic understanding of tools like Photoshop
  • Basic Understanding of 3D tools like Blender or similar programs.
Sathish Kumar
Freelance Concept Artist

Freelance Concept artist with experience in film and game companies such as Technicolor, Ubisoft, Naughtydog, One Pixel Brush , Microsoft, Nexon OC.

Course Fee $899
(₹73,000 Indian Rupees)
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