Cinematic Concept Art
by Leo Avero
Students per term
20 Students
10 Weeks
Class starts on
25, FEB 2024
Sold Out

Introduction to creating cinematic storytelling images and how it works. This class will focus on examining ways on how to create a ‘cinematic’ image as well as focusing on the fundamentals of cinematic image making such as design, composition, lighting, camera lenses and storytelling.

We will focus on industry techniques such as 3D Modeling in Blender, Paintover in Photoshop and various other software's that makes the pipeline as smooth and efficient as possible. we’ll also dive into intermediate and advanced Blender techniques as well as painting over the image in photoshop.

The students will be receiving feedback on their images as well as practicing these techniques to create new portfolio images to help them achieve their personal and professional goals and most importantly tell their own story.

Live Classes

Live class will be hosted in Zoom, and Classes will be recorded for future reference.

Sunday, 12PM UTC+7 ( Jakarta)

Each week's class will be comprised of live demos, feedback and paintovers ranging from 4-5 hours.


Private Discord server will be created for students to communicate and to get feedback.

Things you learn in this class
  • Develop a strong understanding of cinematic composition, lighting, storytelling, and how to think like a cinematographer
  • Personalized advice for developing your cinematic storytelling skills and portfolio
  • Strong understanding of how to find 'the' shot
  • 3D workflow using blender as well as other softwares like Marvelous Designer, Quixel Megascans, Character Creator and a little ZBrush
  • How to make the most out of your tools and assets and how to use them in the most efficient way possible
  • Basic understanding of art and digital painting
  • Basics/introduction to blender or similar programs highly recommended
  • Basics of digital painting tools like Photoshop
Leo Avero
Art Director/Concept Artist

Art Director and Concept Artist in the entertainment industry, currently working at One Pixel Brush and doing personal short films on the side.

Course Fee $899
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