Advanced Environment
Design Mentorship
by Kevin Jick
Students per term
10 Students
10 Weeks
Class starts on
4th NOV, 2023
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Throughout this course, we'll be dedicated to crafting a diverse array of images, with a strong focus on unique designs, design thinking, and fundamental skills. In addition to several small term projects, students will engage in a larger class project, challenging them to expand their design boundaries and create a series of portfolio images based on their chosen narratives. This class will center around programs like Blender, Photoshop and 3D Coat and how they are used to push narrative and design.

In addition, your instructor will be providing a series of design, modeling, and environment concept art tutorials to provide the students with extra learning and information.

Live Classes

Live class will be hosted in Zoom, and Classes will be recorded for future reference.

Saturday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
Sunday 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Each week's class will be comprised of live demos, feedback and paintovers ranging from 4-5 hours.


Private Discord server will be created for students to communicate and to get feedback.

Things you learn in this class
  • Develop a stronger understanding of design, composition, story, and color for environments
  • Create industry standard portfolio images in an efficient amount of time
  • Learn how to push your design ideas further and think critically about design and narrative
  • Understand more about what game companies are looking for from environment concept artists
  • 3D workflow using Blender, advanced Blender techniques, and other 3D programs when needed
  • How to take an idea, create design sketches, build out the scene in 3D with Blender, and take to a final image with Photoshop
  • Intermediate understanding of art and digital painting
  • Intermediate understanding of Blender or similar programs highly recommended
  • Intermediate understanding of digital paintings tools like Photoshop
Kevin Jick
Senior Concept Artist

Kevin is a senior concept artist in the games industry, currently working as a Senior Concept artist at Naughty Dog. Kevin previously worked as an Expert concept artist at NetEase Games, Terraform Studios, as well as Treyarch where he worked on the Call of Duty series helping ship Black Ops 4 and Black Ops Cold War.  His clients include Naughty Dog, NetEase Games, Terraform Studios, Activision / Treyarch, Ignition Creative, Ironklad Studios.

Course Fee $2000

Students are sharing their Experience

Radhika Raut
Associate Artist

This mentorship is hands down the best class I have taken for Environment design. Kevin as a mentor was really patient and understanding and took his time giving out a lot of valuable feedback throughout the course of the mentorship!After taking this class I've been exposed to this insane amount of potential that I never knew I had, because of how I was pushed skill wise. I am now comfortable enough to take more projects out on my own and keep applying whatever I learnt throughout this course! I can definitely say I have grown tremendously in my ability to do Environment design in this course of time!

Thank you so muchKevin Jickn and SathishKumar for making this amount of quality knowledge available for us!

Kyle Manzo
Concept artist

After taking art classes from various online schools, I found that Art Train Academy's Environment Design Mentorship taught by Kevin Jick surpassed my expectations in every way. The course structure, which was split into two days—one for demos and one for feedback—was my favorite of any class I have taken. You can truly tell that Kevin has a passion for teaching-always providing every student his full attention and making certain that they were consistently moving forward with their individual pieces and projects. I learned so much and I look forward to the opportunity to take another class with Kevin in the future  to absorb even more of his wisdom and insight. Thanks so much Kevin Jick for the invaluable feedback and SathishKumar for providing a learning platform that provides so much at such a great price!  I look forward to my next class with the Art Train Academy and hope to see some familiar faces!

Andrii Shcherbyna
Concept Artist

A highly effective, motivating, and developing environment design mentorship class that I will remember with warmth. Here, I received many answers to my questions about concept art, received valuable feedback that boosted my skills to the moon! All of these valuable knowledge that I have gained, I will hone with every new work. Huge thanks Kevin Jick for truly enormous contribution to this course, for the dedication with which each of us could receive the maximum amount of useful information, not only during feedback days, but also throughout the week. Huge thanks Sathish Kumar for an excellent school where we could learn so much!

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